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My journey, quite simply, has been learning about how to be seen, and help others feel seen.

The power of being unconditionally witnessed for exactly who you are and stepping into your full embodiment of self  to be the ultimate healing experience. 

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My 31 year career in education served as my initiation into my innate ability to connect with people in a way that ignites positive transformation.

Beautiful, talented young souls with extreme Emotional Behavioural Disorders were my teachers, and as I learned to witness their inner turmoil and reflect to them how it could become their greatest strength and asset for living their best childhood years, ultimately entering the adult world happy and confident. 


As I transitioned into retirement, I knew I had a bigger calling. It gnawed at my insides and relentlessly tapped me on the shoulder, taunting my spirit and disrupting my peace. But it wasn’t until the sudden loss of my Father, despite medical reassurance that he would be well again, that I was truly able to listen. His passing gift to me was a doorway that opened my inner truth, power and spirituality.

The pathway to using my gifts in the most aligned and joyful ways appeared and I was guided to deepen them further still, as personal signs and numerical apparitions particular to my Dad materialised too often, and too powerfully not to be considered coincidence; hence, I decided to train as a Certified Priestess Numerologist, creating more depth to my ability to witness people. 

My promise to you is to meet you where you’re at, hear you in YOUR language, not mine, reflect to you the importance of you and support you unconditionally. 

My calling is to help you see the greatest highest good that lives within you and help you access your inner knowledge, belief and understanding so you will no longer worry or stress about what could be missing from life.


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