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There’s nothing wrong with you. 

I have a suspicion you needed to hear that, and as you make yourself comfortable here, I want you to let that sink in.


That dissatisfaction you feel; that obsessive niggling that something isn’t right, despite being surrounded by the beautiful family, supportive spouse, wonderful co-workers and many life successes, is real.

It’s valid. It’s normal.

It comes from decades of putting others before yourself. 

Strong women like you have a lot of energy to give, and you. have. given.

To everyone and everything other than yourself.


That dissatisfaction in the face of the seemingly “perfect” life is the manifestation of imbalance.

It’s time to tip the scales. 


It’s time to start living AND loving life.

You know it’s possible, you feel it in your bones, that independent woman’s intuition is stronger than ever and it’s calling you back to yourself to explore what all the support and therapy you’ve accessed so far has failed to unveil.

Marble Surface

FINDING Happiness Session

Marble Surface


The depth of your desire is itching to be discovered. 

The true scope of your joy is longing to be amplified. 

The wildness of your womanhood is ready to be unleashed. 

Your pathway to self-realization begins here…

Marble Surface

12 Week 1-1 Coaching Package 


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1 Month Coaching Package 

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1 Hour Coaching Session 


" I met Denise a little over a year ago. I had spent over 6 years studying the power of the mind, so when Denise would encourage me to go to my heart center, I had no idea what she meant. I resisted at first because I believed everything is all about your mindset.

After years of forcing myself to think better thoughts, struggling trying to overcome limiting beliefs, and forcing myself to take more action, I was exhausted and defeated. Intuitively, Denise knew – she reached out to me and told me that when I am ready, she will be there to help and guide me through. I was hesitant at first, mostly because I have never liked asking anyone for help.

Denise never made me feel uncomfortable. She gave me so much hope. When you’re at a very low point in life, hope is exactly what you need. I started working with Denise about 8 weeks ago and I feel like a different person – a better person, my true self. With Denise’s help, I have released many beliefs and ideas that kept stuck for so long. I have started focusing on myself and my needs without taking away or hurting the people around me.

I have gained confidence, energy, and new love for myself which is exactly what I needed. As women, we tend to look after others first. Denise has taught me how to love and take care of myself so I can be the best version of myself for the people I love. My relationships, my health, and my life are so much better now. I am forever grateful for Denise being the amazing, kind, and loving women she is and for genuinely caring about my well-being. My advice is if you are resisting booking a call with Denise, just do it. If you’re like me, it’s exactly what you need even if you don’t realize it yet." LKN

Denise is a guiding angel. She has a unique way of comforting and supporting you through the most challenging experiences in life. She allows you to be vulnerable without making you feel uncomfortable. Denise doesn’t just listen to you; she hears what your soul is wanting to release. She intuitively knows what questions to ask to uncover the root cause of the challenges you face. KL

Working with Denise sent me down a spiritual journey that has helped me understand my past, present and future. Her recommendations on things I can do to help me with challenges I experience have been very useful and continue to be applicable in various stages of my life. 


I decided to get my numerology report from Denise just for fun. Little did I know it would help me understand so many different things about myself. I discovered why I have challenges in certain areas of my life and ways to work through them. Denise helped me understand who I really am on a very deep level. Without her help, I possibly would still be forcing myself to try to change. Now I am aware when certain challenges or emotions arrive, and I can always go back to my numerology report to help me know what I can do today to ease my way through life. What is amazing is it applies to you for the rest of your life. It is such a valuable resource that everyone needs!  


Denise has an abundance of wisdom and knowledge She is very personable and easy to talk to. She explains things in a way that it easy for anyone to understand regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.

She has a big heart and genuinely wants to help people. RBD

Image by Liv Bruce


Struggling Support Group

This group is open to all moms who need support and to empower fellow moms.


A mother's role can be exhausting. It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a working-at-home mom. - it can be pretty overwhelming. As someone who works, takes care of others and does household chores, you may feel isolated at times. Yes, we do get a quick break from everything but let's face it, no one understands a mom's situation better than another mom. 


And that's what this group is all about. This is a positive safe space for you to release your unspoken guilt, worries, and challenges, so we can turn it into something positive.


We are here to help support you to let go of what needs to be let go and help you find solutions for everyday challenges.


Let's support each other mommas!


Excited to have you with us. 


Much love,



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