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Re- Becoming

12 Week 1-1 Coaching Package

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This is it for you. 

The turning point.

You’re no longer interested in figuring this out on your own, you’ve wasted enough time and you refuse to feel the way you feel a moment longer. 

You’re ready, I’m ready. 

Let me walk beside you for 12 whole weeks, supporting you, guiding you, unlocking your deepest answers within until you emerge as the woman you were always meant to be

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She’s in there, and her demands for your attention become increasingly louder by the day. She has been silenced for so long by the needs of others that her feelings of isolation engulf you in heaviness, stress and worry.


But there is an untapped potential that needs to be expressed, so she will be silenced no more. There is so much love she desires to unleash, skills she aches to bestow upon the world and dreams to make a reality, she’s led you here, to me, to this page, to this journey.

The answers aren’t in a book.

They feel good to read, because you’re tapping into someone else’s turning point.


But yours looks different, your answers are in YOU. 

The book you need to read, the book that will show you how to implement in a way that actually gets the unique results required, is written by that voice inside.

All you need now is someone to help you access it, who can see, feel and comprehend where you are stuck and support you to move forward in the specific way that is personal to you.

You are her, and she is you.

It’s time to create peace and confidence with your true identity. 

This is what your re-becoming

looks like:

1x 90 minute on boarding call with follow up notes
12x 1 hour coaching sessions to check in and create a weekly plan of action
Video recordings of all our conversations
Daily voxer support

Your investment is $3333. A monthly payment plan is available. 

With this work, you will finally be able to stop absorbing and start expressing. 

You will cease to be a product of your environment, allowing other people and stressful situations to determine who you are and instead open up to the truth of your intuition and the seat of absolute authenticity. 

You truly believe that more is available to you, you feel the burn of that inner flicker, you’re ready to explore what it has to offer and what it desires to create. 

It’s time to stop shying away from what you know. 

You’re not alone.


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