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Where is the pendulum... on the down or up swing?

Overtime it is said that life goes in a back and forth motion, like a pendulum. Pendulum law in physics discovered by Galileo in 1602 describes the regular, swinging motion of a pendulum by the action of gravity and acquired momentum. The theory holding that trends in culture, politics, etc tend to swing back and forth between opposite extremes.

If you have seen the pendulum swing in your lifetime and know what I am talking about, where is the pendulum now? Are we on the down swing or the up swing, or are we into a tidal wave of change that will uproot the law so completely that we will never see it, feel it or experience it again?

Let's say, just for the sake of discussion, that we will not see life as we knew it in 2019 again. LIFE is changing, and there will be new experiences upon us. New ways in which we need to cope, be, and live. Let's just say that is the case.

What do YOU WANT to have for YOU in this new way forward? YOU get to decide how YOU will live, love, and be in the world.

What DO YOU WANT? For YOU, by YOU, because of YOU.

Why not begin today to think about what is BEST for YOU. Not in a conceited, or pompous way, but in a self love, inner truth standpoint. Imagine what we could create if we loved ourselves in a way that was so powerful, so uplifting, so joyful that it oozed from the pours in our skin. What if it was so catchy that those around us were affected by our warmth and genuine caring of self. A calm, powerful uplifting presence would fill the world and WOW what an incredible gift to give.

How do you plan to move forward?

Much love,











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