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What has changed...... for you?

It has been a year since the official onset of lockdowns, laws and worldwide restrictions and the biggest question on my mind today is.....

What has changed for you?

Let me more clear on what I am actually asking. I am not talking about the external circumstances. We all know we have had little to no control on external circumstances that have been implemented upon us which are outside of our control.

What has changed for you as we have had to experience this "new to us" way of living? How have things shifted within you? Let's start with physical health. For me in the beginning I definitely took advantage of the "new normal". Yes I did, and convinced others that it was a fun way to go. For example, every Saturday I went to our local restaurant where I would pre-order the most incredible handmade, hand dipped, fresh warm honey dip donuts. Delicious. Did that for over a month. I knew that it wasn't a good thing to do but convinced myself it was okay, and it was a great way for "us" to "weather the short term storm". Up in weight more than12 pounds made me eventually stop that specific train. However, I spent a lot of negative mental energy beating myself up for doing it. Covid pounds began! Joking away about the weight gain, when secretly feeling worse and worse about my weight gain was taking a slight toll on my happiness.

Took the "new normal" to a negative extreme, damn. This was the beginning of me stepping towards the new me, and taking control back in my life. I decided to turn off the Covid updates, daily TV news casts and intensive updates. I stopped listening to the outside world events because I knew I would literally feel into the negativity way too much. I knew that bombarding myself with all the details wasn't serving me. I knew that I was easily sucked into a negative energy, negative thought process, and was not feeling good about any of it. I knew that I deserved better. I needed to have positivity and I wanted to step into all that was possible for me. Running had been off more then on and it was hard to get back at it. SOOOOO hard. (now my new normal is a #mileadaychallenge)

One step at a time, surrounding myself with people who had positive messages, connecting to strong positive self development courses online have made a world of difference for me because I choose to live a life of happiness, and self development. It was through taking tiny steps, and daily action, I decided to slowly commit to myself in new ways. Developing consistent action in enhancing my physical, emotional and spiritual well being, was key to help me navigate and step into all that is possible. Taking control of my life, in ways I had never thought of before was so empowering and life changing.

It was hard in the beginning for sure. Taking small steps, researching and stepping into how I wanted to feel was key to take control of my life during such a challenging time in our world. Yes the circumstances of the world have definitely changed..... but so have I.

I decided to not let the world circumstances dictate how I was going to change and what was best for me. Instead the current situation that we have found ourselves in has provided me with an opportunity to see life from a new vantage point. Choosing to look deep within, being afforded an opportunity to be left to sit with the most important person in the world, yourself, can be one way to look deep inside and see what makes one tic as a person. Lots of unwanted alone time can change a person, in so many ways. When looking within it is amazing to see, know and experience what strengths and opportunities abound from within.

Is it all sunshine and roses? Of course not; however, let me tell you through my experiences thus far, it sure does help to move you from a feeling of overwhelm, loss of control, and fear, when you step into taking control of how YOU CHOOSE to live "everyday" from within!

What has changed for you? Do you like the change?









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