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Is there more than one way?

Yes there sure is.

Talking with my clients throughout the week I have discovered something that seems to really resonate, so felt compelled to share with you as it might bring some new insights, as you ponder how to get out of your own head, thoughts, negative self-talk, etc....

When a new way of understanding why the same habitual issues arise I liken it to that of learning to read.

What is the first way you recalled learning how to read? What did you do when you read a word that you had never seen before? That is right you SOUNDED IT OUT. That is the natural tendency our brain operates, our parents helped us to learn how to read, the way we helped our kids learn how to read, the way we teach our grandchildren to read....SOUND IT OUT.

There are many, many other strategies that are just as helpful, beneficial, and in many cases just as necessary in order to become successful at reading. Some of which are.... look at the first letter and read what would make sense, OR, just say the word "blank" and keep reading to just get the meaning that the text is relaying, OR, guess what word would make sense contextually and continue to read, OR....OR.....OR.

There is a parallel here with the Life Coaching that I do, and the way "I teach", support and help read those "unknown words" of life. Just as in a robust learning to read program does, I access a variety of strategies to help women gain a much deeper understanding of self, what strategies are self serving, those that are habitual and limiting, and those that would be better utilized for growth and movement forward in life.

I use and teach a variety of ways to access areas of growth in life, that go way beyond the frequently utilized "go to" strategies of talk it out, think your way out, read the book on the hot tip of the week to "find" your way out. These are all strategies that work for some, momentarily and will not bring about life changes, and understandings that are necessary for growth, expansion and joy that you are so desperately wanting and deserving of right now. Trust me, as they are limited and won't provide you with all the possibilities that lie in wait for you to ascertain.

So if you are ready for life changes, and are done with the flavour of the month club or the parallel of SOUNDING IT OUT to figure out your "stuckness" in life out- reach out I am here to help! Let's connect and see how we can dig deeper, explore successful approaches to analyzing how to move forward and not be stuck in the past, by NOT relying on a limited "SOUNDING OUT" strategy.

Ready to move forward? There is so much life ahead of you, excited to see you access all that exists for you!

Much love,








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