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Happy Valentines Day 2021.

Are you happy? Does this day have any special significance to you one way or another?

I recall the first time I literally stole "my loves'" heart. It was in high school, on Valentines Day when we walked about the day with a multitude of paper hearts pinned to our shirts. The object of the game was to steal as many hearts as one could. The way you were able to "steal" a heart was to get them to talk to you. I worked so hard to get Paul's hearts from him. Of course in the beginning he didn't break, he would just smile and walk away from me, As the day wore on, of course I was absolutely relentless, I caught him off guard and ta da- my gift of the gab won out and I won his last heart. I kept that paper heart forever. It was a very happy day as I had a "real purpose" and reason to connect with him. Ah, high school days.... such good times.... and so long ago.

What special memory do you have about Valentines Day and your heart being all "a flutter"? Can you picture it? Did you actually crack a little smile when you recalled it? What first comes into your mind, is it the surroundings, an event, the people or person, your feelings, or something else? How quickly do your thoughts turn to sadness or regret that you are no longer back in that moment?

What if we were to take those positive thoughts, feelings and memories and keep those close to our hearts and be grateful for them, rather than move into the negative feelings, and "wishes" that we could re-live that moment, day, time.

Let's spend today, Valentines Day, being grateful for love that we have, have had, and what we have yet to look forward to. Let's focus on the positive of what the day helps us to do- focus on LOVE. Remember, reach out, be grateful for all the love we have from within and know that everyday we learn how to love ourselves from within, our hearts will always be full of appreciation, gratitude and joy.

What better way to celebrate today than to learn to LOVE ourselves and appreciate all that we are and all that we have; whether it is from family, friends, all loved ones in our lives. Let's all celebrate Valentines Day knowing that the more we live with LOVE in our own hearts, the more we will experience a lovely day, month, year, lifetime.

Happy Valentines Day to you! Wishing you all the appreciation, respect, gratefulness and joy that you can find in your heart today AND always.

Much love,


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