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How has your life changed?

How has your life changed since.....

You thought I was going to ask about Covid didn't you? NOPE! I am going to ask a deeper, possibly more thought provoking question.

How has your life changed since midlife began?

Well, we could write a novel here ladies, couldn't we? There are all the physical changes that we laugh about, at least outwardly and yet suffer inside with the ridiculous hot flashes, muffin tops and aches and pains that can stop us in our tracks. Hand up if you are with me on that! I know I heard about such "issues" but never, never really understood them until they started happening to me. Now, I am not one for being too upset by the hot flashes, because quite honestly I am always cold; but tell me I am not the only one who looses it when trying to put on makeup and as fast as I put it on it literally "melts" off my face. Come on... what the heck is that all about?

No longer can I eat the "sweets" in the amounts I used to, because it all lands exactly where I don't want it and or need it. Perhaps that is mother nature's way of helping me look after myself better, so I wouldn't eat as poorly as frequently but she is forcing me to enjoy life's little sweets and savour the moments. Thank you mother nature for your ingenuity, you are clever.

What about your relationships? With your friends, your children, your spouse? How is that all going for you? Surprised at what is happening, has happened, or could happen? How are you managing the relationship you have with yourself? Do you have more time for you? Do you know what to do with that time?

How has your life changed, since you have crossed the threshold into your Midlife Years, ladies? We know it has. Tell us in what ways are things better for you? In what ways do they seem to be worse for you?

Looking forward to continuing the conversation. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us, so we know we are not alone.

Much love,


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