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How do you fix.....?

With all the work that I have done to keep on the positive side of life right now, I find that I still slip up and old habits and rituals of avoidance and procrastination rear their ugly little heads. How do you..... deal with avoidance and procrastination?

Sigh. The longer I delay, the more it weighs on my mind. Oh the head games that we continuously play and never win. (more on that in another post)

Well, yes, of course I can busy myself doing other things that I like and want to do, but in all honesty that does only one thing. Delaying pushes the negative thoughts and heavy feelings deeper into my subconscious and helps it take a tighter grip on me in other ways. When I shove them away too many times, this negative energy sits too long, and grows too big, inevitably showing up as stress. A stress headache, a migraine or lower back pain possibly. Sound familiar?

Why? Why do I do that to myself. Admittedly, I know better and can do better, so why does this happen? This happens to ultimately reveal to me that I have more work to do. I definitely have done incredibly powerful mind and soul work with various coaches over these past couple of years; however, this revelation is all about knowing that there is more work to do.

We used to joke at work, (some close friends of mine and I), that in life "there is no finish line". This realization has come streaming back to me as I fall into old, very, very old habits of avoidance and procrastination.

What does this tell me? Well, that there is more work to do. I have made great strides with a lot of personal growth, awareness and understanding of who I am; and when these moments, days, and historical practices arise it reminds me of the growth I have accomplished, and that there is still more growth opportunities ahead of me.

Now comes the fun part. I have two choices that I get to make right now!

1) I can continue to procrastinate and not get "that job done"

2) I can figure out why I am procrastinating and see what is blocking me that I need to address to move forward.


What will I choose to do? Procrastinate or dig into the block and move myself forward?

What do you recommend?







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