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Here we go again......

What is it like to live inside a tumultuous mind? A mind that absorbs everything that comes at it with lightening speed. Having to sift and sort, analyze and decide what to do, how to think, when and how to be and whether or not they should or shouldn't take action on the thought.

We are all being put to the test these days and I am sure that we are all experiencing moments of confusion, disbelief, and a seemingly disorderly world with very loud noises. The world is continuing to change at a rate we could never have expected or dreamed about. Unfortunately, the changes and the speed with which things are turning is not in our favour. We are in an anxious, debilitating and stressful time and everyone is feeling the effects in multiple and complex ways.

Yes, ok Denise so what can we do about it? We have curfews, shut downs, limitations on how we can continue on in our lives as directed by powers beyond our control. Our world is out of control and things that we would never have imagined are happening and more. So what do we do about it?

We can see it for what it is. We can look deeper past the hurry and flurry of it all and slow ourselves down. We can decide how we are going to take these mandatory changes that are required of us, and not be held hostage to our outside world. Start by seeing and enjoying the simple benefits of such restrictions. Turn the negative into how it will actually benefit you. After all if you are happy with who you are and what you are all about as a person the external impositions of life will not affect you in the same way. Work on developing an eternal inner peace and calm that you can always call upon when the tides get high and the waters begin to churn restlessly.

Take control back. Time to not let the situations that we are finding ourselves, take control of our lives. Time to make sure that you live from a place of joy, happiness and peace from within and know that the stress, angst, worry, fear and heaviness can only really be lifted when we lift ourselves first.

Change is going to be a constant in life, and I personally have found that when I am at peace, and sitting with my inner truth, then external circumstances although they continue to be and will always continue to be, they no longer pierce my core. I no longer need to have external forces determine who I am and what I am about.

Look after yourself in new ways. Dig deeper to find your inner truth and see where the positive can be found in what is coming at you from the outside. Decide and take control, because you CAN.

How are you going to make changes to protect yourself and learn more about what impacts your everyday? Ready to change your tumultuous mind?







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