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Have you ever?

I bet you thought I was going to play a game, Have you ever? Ah, no but I do think that there is a game called this out there, isn't there?

Today's post is about whether or not you pay attention to the words that you use in conversations you have with others? When you are having a conversation about how you see things, what is real for you, or share your opinion when someone asks; or maybe they don't ask and, you give your thoughts and ideas freely to them, do you share? What is the message you share, the body language you have and/or what tone you use?

Now this is where it becomes interesting, so stay with me. I am not talking about the content of your message. What I am referring to is the connotation that is associated with your words. Have you ever noticed how you actually speak? Have you stopped to think how your message is received and whether or not it will leave someone feeling better or worse due to your conversation? Is your conversation framed in positive or negative energy ? What would your guess be? If you have a tendency to leave people feeling better and contributing to their self confidence when you talk with them in conversations then chances are that you are very aware of your impact on others by what you say. If, on the other hand, you notice that your energy is depleting and you feel angst, down, negative after speaking with someone then it maybe important for you to step back and reflect on the words, tone and body language you actually use in your conversations with others.

Did you know that our energy is actually reflected in another and comes back to greet you, like a mirror. Wait what? Yes, that is right. The way people respond to you is the way that you project your energy outwardly, so if you have a difficult, negative conversation then it really is an indication of something that you are struggling with internally. The signs and signals, negative energy is coming toward you because that is what you are projecting.

Years ago when I worked as a Behaviour Resource Teacher, helping severe Emotional and Behavioural Disordered students during serious explosive episodes, the best and only way to help them through it was to remain calm, quiet, centered and supportive. EVERY TIME a student would step into the energy that we, as a support team projected, the student would end up mirroring our calming energy and eventually come out of the negatively charged space. I know because I have experienced this at a very intensive, extreme, acute level and had it not been for the calm response I am not sure where some of the escalated sessions would have actually ended up.

So, I urge you to consider becoming more aware of how you talk, communicate and share your thoughts because the words, body language and tone you use most frequently are an actual sign of how you are actually feeling, and living your life. If you are wanting changes in your life, wanting to find more positive and live your life to the fullest one great way to begin is to "listen" and pay attention to how you communicate, talk and share. If you notice a lot of low energy, negative feeling and self depleting words in your vocabulary you have just uncovered a place to start.

Have you ever noticed the words you use, your body language, and the tone with which you communicate? What does it reveal to you?








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