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Emotional rollercoaster

Happy week two, of January 2021!

As I scroll through social media platforms there is ONE MAIN thing that keeps jumping out at me with incredible intensity. People, from everywhere are struggling with life, and the state of our current reality.

One recent post from someone who normally creates beautiful, uplifting messages with incredible photos, shared that they were feeling "blah". Quite a turn of events from this page, which then generated a lot of support and engagement. Many followers providing her with comfort and acknowledgement that she certainly wasn't alone with her feelings. It was very interesting to review the variety of responses that were shared from this post. Some commenters were trying to cheer the author up, while others were supporting her to be okay with not feeling so cheery and enlightened.

Emotional rollercoaster! We are on quite the ride right now, aren't we?

Great, I hate rollercoasters! I have never been one for speed. Not being able to see ahead at every turn, not being able to have access to a clear view ahead freaks me out. I need to know where I am going. Rollercoasters scare the crap out of me! They move way too fast. I hate not having control over when it is over; or how slowly or quickly it turns and careens corners! I despise not being able to push the "stop, I have had enough" button when I am ready to be done. Just thinking about rollercoasters can actually make me physically sick.

The current emotional rollercoaster of 2021 that we are collectively living is definitely different.

How do you ride it successfully? What if you hate rollercoasters, or in particular this one? How do you get off part way through the rough ride if you despise it? Who is really operating the ride and, do they actually know what they are doing? What do you do to manage the emotional rollercoaster? How do we survive the emotional rollercoaster that we are currently facing, day in and day out?

Well, buckle up and let's see if we can stomach this 2021 ride (that we don't recall purchasing the ticket for). Buckling in, and "staying grounded" is imperative! Getting grounded by connecting to yourself, understanding and being in tune with your emotions and what tips your "car" sideways. Getting to understand what makes you uncomfortable, restless, stressed, and anxious. Awareness of your feelings and emotions is the first curve in the tracks that will help you stay the course. Awareness gives you the initial traction needed to become the operator, and take control. When you recognize that you are in the seat of worry, fear or anxious feelings you will be able to move from that seat to a better seat that isn't as unpredictable or alarming to you.

Here is where the two roller coasters diverge. During an emotional rollercoaster ride, you have the power, the capacity and the ability to change your perspective, your emotions, and ultimately your experience. You GET to decide how you experience this rollercoaster. Does it mean it will be all roses and daisies? AHHHH nope, but as you grow and lean into taking care of your mental and emotional health you will not get sucked into the unknown careens and unnerving curves that can and will be thrown your way.

Know that you are here and are experiencing this ride, and believe me when I tell you, you will make it through, because you CAN. Don't make any rash decisions, or get caught up in the fear that the emotional rollercoaster can ensue. It is time to slow your internal energy down. Find a way to calm yourself from the flurry, whirling and twisting fate of the ride. Spend time everyday finding one thing, just one thing that makes you happy, calm, and peaceful inside. Write about it; dream about it; focus on it and bring the powerful feelings this thought generates into existence, even if it is just for a moment! That is when it happens!!! That is when you take the controls. That is the moment you begin to step into knowing that you have the power and ability to decide how you will live through this emotional rollercoaster. Recognize, search, find, and feel into calm, positive, uplifting, peaceful thoughts. This is the beginning of taking control back into your life! This is when you know you are on the "right track", the right seat, going in the right direction.

Are you ready to buckle in? Ready to experience 2021 and take control of your ride? Ready to become aware, recognize and remain in control of the power you possess to drive your own rollercoaster with clarity, calmness and persistence?

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