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Emotional over commitments, how do you fair?

Definition of over commitment is to allocate in excess of the capacity for replenishment.

Where do you experience emotional over commitment?

How are you feeling today? In this moment? Do you resonate with being, feeling, and/or experiencing emotional over commitment? Is it a habitual practice, lifestyle, way of being that you experience or is it a one off, every so often? Is it with specific people, or is it situational?

I encourage you to explore your thinking a little deeper today as you read this post. If you are prompted to get out a pen and record your thoughts I absolutely recommend you do. As you answer these prompts you may begin to uncover some hidden thoughts, ideas and new realizations through the process of stepping into the "work".

Here are some prompts that can help you uncover your current reality when it comes to emotional overcommitments.

  • What and/or who am I thinking about when I think emotional over commitment?

  • What situation, person, event is most vivid to me when I think about this?

  • What do I feel in my body when I am emotionally over committed?

  • How do I know I have over committed emotionally?

  • What are the common threads that appear as I reflect on the situations that I have emotionally over committed on?

  • What do I believe about myself in these situations, when they occur?

  • Is that how I want to invest my energy, why or why not?

  • How does being over committed emotionally serve me?

  • What do I need to change in order to protect myself and my energy?

  • Do I want to change, REALLY want to make a change?

One of the key elements to help us through the process of emotionally over committing is to recognize it exists. That is a huge first step, and you need to give yourself a huge hug and pat on your back for understanding that this is part of your reality.

We don't have to be held hostage to the patterns we have subscribed to up to this point in our lives. We have the power to change, to replenish and protect our energy, and we get to continue to support, encourage and be there for others without depleting ourselves.

Reach out anytime, we can do this together. Here to help and support you through this process, as it can be a tough one, especially as Moms who continually give their hearts everyday in every way. When we give love back to ourselves everyone benefits, EVERYONE!

Much love,







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