Does learning ever really stop????

Today I have to share the experience I have had about stepping things up a notch in my social media.

So..... I thought it was time to try and look at doing the latest, (probably not the latest anymore) by creating a Reel on my Instagram to see what would happen.

It was freaking hard, people. FREAKING HARD!!!!

Now, get this, I did a bunch of online research to find out "how to" and then attempted to create a Reel. Opened a Tik Tok account and tried it that way.

Oh, boy..... needless to say it took hours and hours, actually over quite a few days, but for those of you who know me, and know me well, know that once I decide to do something I AM going to DO IT!

Admittedly a few tears, and MANY phone calls to my daughter, who tbh was getting frustrated with me, because I wasn't seeming to understand what she was telling me. And my adult son, who always believed I was a techy, quickly learned that I am NOT, but so sweetly declared that I was actually pretty techy for a Mom of my age, (which of course I decided to receive as a compliment).

I need you to know that ........

I did record a Reel!

I posted it!

It was TOUGH as heck to figure it out, even with support, for my little ol' brain,

BUT ......... I DID IT!

New learning!

I have new awareness on how to create a Reel and I might even do more of them, to continue to learn and grow, just because that is what LIFE is all about to me.

Deciding, doing, persisting, learning, getting support, persisting, digging in and getting it done.

I am here for the learning and growing and seeing what else can be done, by ME, for ME, because of ME.

What are you wanting to learn "how to" do for YOU, by YOU, because of YOU?

Much love,








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