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Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

If you were to rate yourself on your ability to make decisions, how would you fair?

Let's dig a little deeper on this question, before you answer.

Step back for a minute and look at some of the most important events in your life, are you happy with the BIG decisions you have made? Do you wish that you had taken a different path? Did the decision you make at the time, prove to be the best decision possible based on all of the information you had at the time? If you could have a do over, would you stick to the same decision or would it change? Why or why not?

When decisions in life present themselves to you, in ways that you don't expect, do you feel comfortable looking at the big picture and making the BEST decision possible for YOU? Do you base your decisions on what is BEST for others? When you look inward is it harder to make a decision or easier for YOU? Why or why not?

Now that you have your "mind on", let me share an idea with you that may help you when big decisions cross your life path from today onwards. Take time to look at all angles that you can before you decide. If your intuition is kicking in, don't block it, let it guide you. Listen to the whisper from within because that will be the BEST step forward for YOU. Decisions are those that are flexible to the owner in that they can move freely from thought to feeling and then into action.

When you make decisions from YOUR heart center, you need to know that this will be the right decision for YOU at this time. As women, this can seem insurmountable in scale and next to impossible to achieve, because we are innately and socially supported to think of others before ourselves. We are actually encouraged, guided and praised for such thinking and behaviours. Here is the rub ladies, when we make BIG decisions based on what others see and need from us, we cut everyone off from what is truly possible. #truth

Next time when you find yourself in the direct path of needing to make a BIG life decision I want you to think about YOURSELF and thoroughly examine what decision serves YOU best as a woman. When you do this, I can tell you without a doubt EVERYONE that is surrounding you will benefit, when you put YOU at the forefront of your decision.

Don't believe me? Try it and let me know what happens.

Much love,






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